Ayuwan Announces Singing Sensation Ernie Zakri As Brand Ambassador

Kuala Lumpur, 3 November 2023 - Ayuwan, the esteemed local scarf brand renowned for its dedication to quality and style, is excited to announce the appointment of Ernie Zakri as its official brand ambassador, marking a new era of style and sophistication in scarf fashion.

Ayuwan Announces Singing Sensation Ernie Zakri
As Brand Ambassador

Ayuwan Announces Singing Sensation Ernie Zakri As Brand Ambassador

The announcement took center stage during the launch of Ernie's latest "AURA." At the event, the alluring singer officially endorsed Ayuwan, sealing her support by signing a specially produced plaque with a photograph of herself adorned in the brand's exquisite scarf. Her endorsement is a testament to the quality and aesthetic value of Ayuwan's scarves.

Collaboration With Ernie Zakri


The collaboration with Ernie Zakri represents a significant milestone for Ayuwan, enabling the brand to broaden its connection to a wider and more diverse customer base. Ernie Zakri, a renowned personality in the local entertainment industry, embodies the essence of Ayuwan's commitment to grace, individuality, and timeless beauty. Her charisma, demure style, and widespread appeal make her the ideal choice to represent the Ayuwan brand.

Ayuwan Announces Singing Sensation Ernie Zakri As Brand Ambassador


Ernie Zakri's personal style and her knack for accessorizing with scarves in unique and trendy ways perfectly align with Ayuwan's product line. With Ernie Zakri on board, Ayuwan is excited to explore the possibility of co-creating exclusive scarf collections that fuse the singer’s distinctive style with Ayuwan's craftsmanship. This collaboration will offer Ayuwan's customers access to a truly unique and trendsetting fashion experience.


“I am so happy and excited at the same time. Ayuwan reflects my passion for fashion and allows me to share my personal style and creativity through scarves with my fans. From time to time, I will be showcasing some styling tips and creative ways that I personally like with all of you. So stay tuned,” said the lovely Ernie Zakri.


Fans of Ernie Zakri gathered in full force at Sunway Putra Mall to witness the ambassadorship announcement and the launch of her album. Attendees were treated to a glamorous catwalk exhibition, offering a captivating peek into the enchanting world of Ayuwan. The runway highlighted Ayuwan's key product lines, including the Desa, Spora, Pancawarna,Birai andGemalacollections. Additionally, Ernie showcased her vocal talent by delivering her new song live for the very first time during the event. It was indeed a cherished moment for both Ayuwan's valued patrons and Ernie's devoted fan base.


You can now explore Ayuwan’s world of stylish elegance at www.ayuwan.com.my

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