The Best Activewear for Women That Combines Style and Performance - Cosmolle

Using the right activewear has become an ultimate need for people who go to the gym. That's because they have to choose activewear sets that keep them fresh without causing any breathability issues. In addition, if clothes aren't properly fitted, people end up in accidents because the clothes get stuck in machines.

The Best Activewear for Women That Combines Style and Performance - Cosmolle

The Best Activewear for Women That Combines Style and Performance - Cosmolle

However, functionality isn't the only factor because it's common for people to put up their gym looks on the internet (Instagram, to be precise). This means that they're on the lookout for activewear that combines style and performance. Luckily, Cosmolle has some options, which we are sharing in this article!

Premium Seamless V-neck Crop Top & Leggings Set

This top and leggings set is one of the best choices out there. Designed with premium fabric and amazing craftsmanship, this set is meant to become your absolute favourite. The leggings are designed with a high waist design, so your tummy rolls are hidden properly while the legs look long and toned.

On the other hand, the top is made in a cropped style while the half sleeves add a unique touch. This is because not many activewear sets have sleeves. In fact, this design makes it suitable for women who love modest clothes for their sessions. Not to forget, there's a small V cut on the front, so you can show off the cleavage.

Move Free Yoga Shorts Jumpsuit

If you don't want to wear two different pieces of clothes, we recommend opting for this shorts jumpsuit. This jumpsuit has a tight and form-fitting design, so your body looks toned and shaped to perfection. In fact, this design makes sure that you don't have any movement-related restrictions.

The jumpsuit has a deep scooped neckline, which looks amazingly sexy whenever you wear it. On top of everything, the backside has a peach buttock design, so the hips look well-shaped and lifted.

Seamless Acid Wash Gym Shorts Set

Not everyone wants to wear the high waisted leggings and for all those people, we have added this shorts set to the list. The shorts have an acid wash design, which looks extremely unique. In addition, the fabric is so soft that you don't feel any extra sensations on the body. You'll have the ultimate freedom using this set because you'll be able to bend, stretch, and work out as you like.

The best part is that shorts have a tummy control design, so your pooch won't show. All in all, this set will hug all your curves and won't move around when you do (no need to pull down the clothes all the time!).

Move Free Bra and 7/8 Length Leggings Set

Whether you like long sleeve legging set or the one with strapped bra, this set will become your absolute favourite. Designed in a light blue colour, this is a blessing for people with a minimalistic design. The leggings have a crisscross waistband while the top has crisscross under-bust strap, so you look stylish. Also, this design helps make your body look toned.


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