Top 10 Tips for Infant Oral Health Care and Hygiene

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Everyone knows that oral hygiene is as important as any part of the body. But did you know oral hygiene is important for infant and toddlers as well? Creating a good oral health routine in your children at an early age is necessary. You might want them to develop beautiful and healthy smiles. Therefore, below are some tips that are useful for their oral health care and hygiene.

Top 10 Tips for Infant Oral Health Care and Hygiene

  • Breastfeeding is best for them

As a parent, you might know that for the first 6 months of your baby’s life, breast milk provides them with all the nourishment they need. Thus, it is important to keep them away from powdered milk. It does not only affect their health but also make their gums week. Also, once your child has finished feeding, make sure to put them off from breast or bottle.

  • Don’t let your kid sleep with a bottle

Many parents don’t realise that letting your child sleep with a bottle is not such a healthy habit. When they are asleep with a bottle, some of the milk remains in their mouth which results in gum or tooth decay. Other than that, it can also cause choking and ear infection. Thus, it is essential that they don’t take their bottles to bed.

  • Buy them a cup from 6 months of age

Believe it or not, bottles are not that hygienic as a cup. So, when your baby turns 6 months old, you can try to get acquainted with a cup instead. In fact, when toddlers reach the age of 12 months, they should not be given bottles to drink. Their best option is the cup only.

  • Give your child plain milk

Milk is a good source of calcium and is a complete food in itself especially for children. While infants should be only given breast milk or the infant formula, children aged from 1-2 years can drink plain milk. You don’t have to add other things in the milk to make is sweet. After 2 years of age, low fat milk is also suitable.

  • Start cleaning your baby’s teeth when they are visible

Many people think that babies do not need brushing at an early age. This is not right; you should start cleaning your baby’s teeth when they start to appear. You don’t necessarily have to brush them vigorously, just take a clean piece of cloth and wipe them gently. Or if you want you can also use a small and soft brush and water. After they have turned 18 months, you can start using pea-shaped toothpaste to brush their teeth. Keep an eye on your kid

Babies have this habit of putting everything they find in their mouth. This is indeed wrong. On one hand, it might be something that could damage their gums while on the other it can be something that may result in choking. Always make sure that your little one is not putting anything in his mouth which is not supposed to be there.

  • First dental visit

The first new teeth are the marker for the first dental visit. According to top Dental Associations in world, parents should take their children to dentist regularly after their first birthday. There might be several questions in your mind that you can ask to your doctor and get the right advice. Infant oral care is the beginning of a lifelong habit of good oral hygiene. Thus, you should take your kid to a dentist at an early age.

  • Feed your baby with healthy foods

The whole idea of infant’s oral care is also dependent upon diet. A healthy and balanced diet is necessary for an infant and a toddler as well. Some babies start to eat solids as early as 6 months old and that is completely normal. But as a matter of fact, you have to be sure that you are not feeding him something unhealthy. For example, sugary drinks and fruit juices are not always a good idea. It is not advised to give juices to your kid until he is 1 year old. That can cause damage to the baby’s teeth and also cause cavities. Amazon offers wide range of healthy foods, oral care range, hygiene products & almost 
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  • Clean the bottle regularly

We often forget that it is important to clean the baby’s bottle regularly. Once you have stopped feeding him, make sure to clean the bottle properly and boil the teat after use. This will kill any bacteria that might be sitting on it. Also, avoid frequent and long feedings. You should also give your baby a small amount of water after feeding. This will not allow any unwanted substance to remain in the mouth.

  • Set an example for him

A child learns by watching his family. Try to set a good example for him. Brush your teeth twice a day and this way he will learn to do the same. Tell him not to eat anything before going to bed. Make sure that he follows this and you will not have to worry about his oral care and hygiene.

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  1. Bagus infonya ini Bunde.. jaga dari anak kecil jadi senang nanti bila dah besar.

  2. tips utama aida dulu kala was jgn biar diorang tido dgn botol.
    sebelum tido num susu dulu and terus cuci gigi diorang, bonde.
    then baru tido. gigi kalau da rosak sejak kecil, susah nak jaga.
    alhamdulillah, diorang xde masalah gigi.

  3. nice sharing for mother to be and father to be.

  4. miss the moment brushed my children's teeth :-)

  5. Sy pastikan anak sy yg umo 6 thn tu menggosok gigi pd waktu pagi n sebelum masuk tidur...

  6. Betul seawal 6 bulan dah ajar minum guna sippy cup...jadi anak-anak tak bergantung dengan botol semata



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