Greetings, PUBG Mobile enthusiasts! Embark on a journey through the thrilling landscapes of PUBG Mobile. In PUBG, every match is a story of survival, strategy, and triumph. But what could make this adventure even more exhilarating? Amplifying your gameplay with some stylish skins and exclusive items using UC (Unknown Cash). Let's dive into the world of PUBG Mobile and discover how to enhance your battle royale experience by topping up UC, especially through a gamer's haven like LapakGaming.


What is PUBG Mobile?

What is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is not just a game, it's a realm where courage meets strategy and where the survival of the fittest is taken to a digital battleground. It's the mobile adaptation of the acclaimed PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds games. In this game 100 players parachute onto an island loaded with gear, vehicles, and, most importantly, opponents all vying for that coveted title of the last person standing. In this exhilarating quest for survival, UC acts as your magical currency, unlocking a treasure trove of cosmetic upgrades and the revered Royale Pass.

How to Top Up PUBG UC in Lapakgaming?

How to Top Up PUBG UC?

Embarking on your quest to top up UC is akin to gearing up for a crucial match in PUBG Mobile. The journey begins in the game itself or through various trusted online platforms. Here, you choose the bounty of UC you desire, select a payment method as your weapon of choice, and complete your transaction, leading to a triumphant acquisition of UC directly into your PUBG Mobile account. This treasure enables you to purchase premium items, giving you both style and substance on the battlefield.

How to Top Up PUBG UC in Lapakgaming?

You can top up your PUBG UC in LapakgamingTopping up your PUBG UC through Lapakgaming is as easy as landing in Pochinki and finding a level 3 helmet. Here's how you can do it:

1. Visit the Lapakgaming website in

2. In the search box, type PUBG Mobile

3. Click PUBG Mobile

4. Choose item you wish to purchase.

5. Enter the quantity that you want to.

6. Choose Payment Methods

7. Enter your PUBG Mobile player ID (don't worry, your account is safe).

8. Entar contact info. This step is optional.

9. Fill the promo code box if you had a promo code.

10. Click Buy Now

It's a straightforward process that gets you back into the action without missing a beat.

With LapakGaming, topping up UC is a quest worth undertaking for every warrior.

Is Lapakgaming Safe?

Is Lapakgaming Safe?

In the world of online transactions, the realm of Lapakgaming stands tall as a fortress of security. Encrypted transactions guard your journey, and a variety of secure payment gateways act as steadfast allies. With a legacy of trust built amongst the gaming community and a battalion of customer support ready at your beck and call, Lapakgaming ensures that your quest for UC is not just successful, but also protected. Venture forth without fear, for Lapakgaming is a trusted companion in your PUBG Mobile saga.

PUBG UC Pricelist in LapakGaming

PUBG UC Pricelist in LapakGaming

Lapakgaming offers a variety of UC top-up options to fit any player's budget. Whether you're looking to just dip your toes with a small purchase or you're ready to make a splash with a larger amount, there's an option for you. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

Royale Pass:

1. Upgrade RP: RM39.6

2. Upgrade Elite RP: RM39.6

Top Up

1. 46 + 3 UC: RM 3.35 Discount to RM2.88

2. 60 UC: .RM3.6

3.  77 + 4 UC: RM4.9

4. 10 + 6 UC: RM6.62

5. 152 + 11 UC: Not Available

6. 302 + 41 UC: RM18.95

7. 300 + 25 UC: RM18

8. 422 + 60 UC: RM 29.4

9. 600 + 60 UC: RM36

10. 602 + 91 UC: RM37.9

11. 722 + 118 UC: RM49

12. 1442 + 3551 UC: RM94.8

13. 1500 + 300 UC: RM94.5

14. 3002 + 1001 UC: RM189.5

15. 3000 + 850 UC: RM 180

16. 4202 + 1513 UC: RM294

17. 7202 + 2881 UC: RM490

18. 6000 + 2100 UC: RM360

19. 14402 + 5761 UC: RM980

20.  30002 + 12001 UC: RM1,960

21. 42002 + 16801 UC: RM2,940

Embark on your PUBG Mobile journey with style and substance. With UC in your arsenal, sourced through the safe harbors of LapakGaming, every match becomes a tale of glory waiting to be told. So, gear up, aim true, and let your adventure for the ultimate Chicken Dinner begin!

~ Bonde Senyum Riang ~

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