Bella Jamal Publishes A Recipe Book Of 20 Malaysian Home Cooking Recipes

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم 
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Assalamualaikum and Hi all readers, Bonde would like to introduce a fellow blogger whose blog is always Bonde reference when he is out of ideas for cooking. He is very active and serious in the world of blogging and always shares about cooking and recipes that are delicious and easy to make. He is Bella Jamal.

If you want to know why Bonde uses Bella Jamal's blog as a reference, you should read the information about her below that Bonde has researched about Bella Jamal.

Bella Jamal Publishes A Recipe Book Of 20 Malaysian Home Cooking Recipes

Bella Jamal is a renowned Malaysian blogger focused mainly on culinary and contemporary lifestyles. She is a holder of a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from the National University of Malaysia. Having had a professional corporate career in the social media department of the number 1 telco in the country, Bella Jamal has written many articles about her passion for culinary and contemporary lifestyle as a part-time blogger. Moreover, she is also a cat whisperer and loves to write about these furry angels.

She started to love writing blogs in 2016. In her school days, she participated in essay and writing competitions and this drove her passion to write and share it on her blog which she  named  ‘Ini Adalah Bellarina Natasya’. Once her teacher mentioned that she will find success in journalism or writings in general. However, she ignored it and pursued her dreams in science. After 5 years in the industry, she realized that writing is her true passion, especially as she managed to get good feedback on the culinary and pet articles; which at the moment reached 13 million viewers. You may catch a glimpse of the said articles here at

Writing is a work that requires a lot of concentration and effort, but becoming known as a writer is even harder for Bella.  She had to toggle her time around her career and her passion for writing almost every time. Time and time again she proves to herself that she can handle the pressure. The first time she got involved in blogging, it was a little disheartening for her to have people around whom discourage rather than supportive, however, patience is the main key to success. Nowadays being surrounded by people that encourage her to always move forward, helps a lot in her work. 

Besides writing and cooking, Bella also dabbles in music. She listened to a variety of music and adore Taylor Swift, one of her favorite performers. She could play almost each of her songs in her head as she could relate to each one of them. Each song carries some kind of meaning to her.  Taylor's song inspired her to never lose herself whenever she is in trouble.  For Bella, one of the most inspirational quotes from Miss Swift is “you have to work for everything you get and you have to appreciate every bit of success the world gives you”.


From a humble beginning in culinary, the journey has brought her almost to the top. Bella Jamal is now followed by many, looking for inspiration. It has always brought the best in each of her followers. Last year, she began a small step further by introducing her first cooking book titled "20 Malaysian Home Cooking Recipes". The book is a conversion from her blog-based content.


What motivates her passion more is the hope she has to inspire others using her creativity in culinary. A skill that she has which she shares with her followers. Most of the recipes shared only use the simplest method and ingredients, natives to Malaysian cooking style. The dishes however vary in taste and presentation although the preparation is rather simple, fast, and yet a delicious meal. This caught the attention of many busy housewives and working groups as it takes less time to prepare. Her recipes are constantly being shared on Facebook and other social media platforms.

The topmost viewed articles on her page namely Resepi Ayam Masak Sambal Hijau which stressed on spiciness on Malaysian cooking, Cara Memasak Maggi Kari Sedap being the typical 5 minutes instant noodles with a twist of home cooking, and Resepi Masak Lodeh as one of the main dishes during festivals are now attracting more followers to her site. Do check out the recipes in her premier book titled "20 Malaysian Home Cooking Recipes". In addition to that, for cat owners, the  Tip Cara Bagi Kucing Makan Ubat articles talk about the easiest way to trick your cats into eating their medicine. 

At the same time, Bella didn't miss out on the current trend of fast-paced world events as well. She attended most of the events via an invitation that comes repeatedly like waves.  She was often invited to give a food review for newly opened restaurants around Klang Valley. She has attended beauty and lifestyle events by some major brands in the country. Not to mention, she was also invited to glamorous entertainment events aired on National TV where she had the chance to meet some of the known artists in her country. This brings joy to her as Bella is a huge fan of the Malaysian entertainment scene, it's a dream come true.


20 Malaysian Home Cooking Recipes

Upon the publication of her first book, the "20 Malaysian Home Cooking Recipes", it quickly got recognition in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.  Besides, it is also listed in the Autumn Harvest Food Culture 2020 & Winter Harvest Food Culture 2020 nominees for the next Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (2021). Although the book is not selected for Best in The World Shortlist FOOD CULTURE 2021, Gourmand Awards 2021, Bella is delighted with the achievement of being listed for the renowned Gourmand World Cookbook Awards nominees and representing Malaysia. It is more than what she had hoped for when she began her journey. She already has many plans on how to venture further into the industry.

It has always been Bella Jamal's goal all along to touch others with her ideas in culinary and bring the best out of people. She is looking forward to sharing new ideas that will allow her to potentially flourish in the culinary world. For Bella, life is incomplete without the colors of food. 

"I encourage anyone, a young writer who feels at all compelled to write to do so. Your intuition knows what to write"

So what are you waiting for, all the information about Bella Jamal has been shared by Bonde. Don't miss this opportunity to become a follower on Bella Jamal's blog.

Next, Bonde will share Bonde chosen blog in the future, who is the owner of that blog, wait for the surprise...

~ Bonde Senyum Riang ~

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  1. bila dah minat .. resepi pun boleh jadikan income tanpa kerja. Hanya dengan menulis. Semoga terus menulis mcm dia sampai bila-bila

  2. Wah, dia dah publish buku resepi .. semoga dia terus sukses. Tak sangka kan, dari suka2 masak dpt publish buku , dapat jugà income ksn.

  3. Ohh recipe author on board, thanks for sharing this, gonna check out more la
    cheers SiennyLovesDrawing

  4. tak sangka ya dari pandai masak sampai buat buku pulak.. hebat

  5. wah ada buku sendiri lah. Terbaiklah bella. moga terus sukses dalam kerjaya diceburi



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