What Are Legal Liabilities To Passengers In Auto Insurance?

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What Are Legal Liabilities To Passengers In Auto Insurance?

Does liability insurance cover passengers? That is a bit of a tricky question to answer because being a passenger in an auto accident can be confusing. You probably don't know the insurance that covers you. Is it the other driver, your driver's, or possibly your insurance? What if you're in a friend's or your loved one's car during the accident? You see why it's tricky. This article will explain your options as a passenger and as a driver in an accident.

Filing A Claim With The Third-party Insurance Company

If you are a passenger in an auto crash and you're injured, your first option is to file a complaint against the at-fault driver's insurance policy. The other driver's insurance company will pay for the medical bills and lost wages. The driver will pay for these bills through bodily injury liability (BI) and property damage liability (PD) which are part of his insurance policy.

Bodily injury insurance pays up to a limit per person and a limit for the entire accident. For instance, let's say the driver has a bodily injury coverage of RM25,000 per person and RM50,000 per accident. So if you're the only passenger in the accident, the 25k will be used to cover your medical expenses; however, if there are multiple people injured, the 50k will be divided up between everyone. It implies that when there are more passengers in the car, the less likely your damages are fully covered. You should also know that going through another driver's insurance can be stressful. Especially if the accident involved many cars and multiple drivers, it could take several weeks to sort things out.

Filing A Claim Through Your Loved One Or Car Driver's Policy

You can also recover the medical bills or property damage cost via the driver's policy you were a passenger in, whether it's your friend or your family. The simplest way is through the driver's bodily injury coverage. If the driver is your loved one, you probably might be reluctant to pursue this option, which is quite understandable. But what you need to know is that you are not exactly going after them or their money, but instead their insurance company. You will have to file a claim against their auto insurance policy requesting a certain amount of compensation for your damages. Your loved one or friend will have nothing to do with the process from that point on. Remember that the process, irrespective of whether your loved one, friend's, or other driver's insurance, will take some time.

Filing A Claim Through Your Insurer

Filling a claim via your insurance company is another solid choice and maybe also the least obvious. After all, you are not driving nor in your car; why should you use your car insurance? Depending on the coverage and add-ons you are carrying, you can still use your auto insurance policy to pay for your medical bills. Regrettably, since you are filing a claim, it may cause your premium to rise. More so, your health insurance can also be used to pay for your medical costs incurred from the auto accident. You should note that health insurance policies might be different in treating this, so it's advisable to check with your insurer first.

Final Thought

When shopping for the right car insurance policy, you need to consider carrying additional coverage over what's required by the law. It will keep you secured in case of an unfortunate incident. To get the best auto insurance and add-ons specifically suited for you, go to Fincrew.my. They've got you covered for all your insurance deals.

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