Collections of IWC Watches

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Collections of IWC Watches

Best known for producing high-quality pilot/aviation watches, IWC is one of the reputed brands in the watch industry. They are known to evolve with watchmaking techniques, designs, and calibers, ultimately making some of the most innovative luxury watches.

Well, while there’s a lot known about the beloved IWC, customers planning to buy IWC watches in Malaysia would want to know the range of products this long long-standing brand offers.

In this post, you will find more about IWC watches and some of the products you can find in Malaysia.

Overview of IWC

IWC stands for International Watch Company. It is a more exclusive company with first-class quality watches, designed with great attention to detail. Starting from 1868, IWC has a rich history making arguably the most iconic watches for pilots and using titanium in watchmaking.

If you are considering buying an IWC watch in Malaysia, you can imagine wearing a watch designed from 150 years of experience.

Before expanding its offerings, IWC was making watches specifically for pilots and navigators. That’s why the IWC Pilot is one of the famous products they offer. All in all, IWC continues to use horologists’ skills and state-of-the-art technologies to make watches that stand out for their quality.

Range of IWC watches

IWC offers a wide range of top-not quality watches to meet the requirements of discerning customers. For watch buffs looking for IWC watches in Malaysia, here are some of the products you can find.

1. Pilot’s watches

IWC Pilot’s watches in Malaysia are a quintessential tool modern-day explorers need. What is more, there is a vast selection of these watches, with every collection or edition showcasing great features that genuinely reflect quality.

The recent Pilot’s watches from IWC are elegant, and their designs reflect cutting-edge technologies. Above all, it is worth noting that Pilot’s watches are segmented under five categories.

2. Portugieser Watches

The Portugieser is one of the oldest and famous watches from IWC. The Portugieser Watches have a colorful history enriched by IWC technical innovations.

If you are considering a Portugieser Watch, you will win yourself an incredibly smart watch that gives you precise day, date, moon phase, and time. All models in this collection create a commanding statement that you will like.

3. Portofino

The IWC Portofino combines mechanical excellence with classic design, which showcases the company’s watchmaking experience and expertise. These watches boast effortless, minimalist styles with simple dials and roman numerals.

Overall, they are a great option for those looking for sophisticated IWC watches in Malaysia.

4. DaVinci

IWC has repeatedly reimagined the Da Vinci collection, and now buyers looking for IWC watches in Malaysia can find these stylish watches. They come with a range of compelling features and remain luxury watches, thanks to the jewels included in their design.

5. Aquatimer

The Aquatimer collection of watches enjoys a great reputation. Although they have other great features, the most glorified is the internal ring that safely measures dive times. They are water-resistant, and other models combine chronographs with a perpetual calendar.

6. Ingenieur

The Ingenieur watches come with a highly functional design and are designed to be waterproof. They are precision instruments for showing time and ideal pieces of jewelry to adorn your wrist.


Whether you want to dive, climb, or just travel, IWC watches in Malaysia are an excellent tool you should never miss. The most exciting part is that these great watches combine aesthetic appeal with a longer service life.

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