ZOWIE Announces Their First TN 360Hz DyAc Gaming Monitor XL2566K

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ZOWIE Announces Their First TN 360Hz DyAc⁺™ Gaming Monitor XL2566K

Providing The Best FPS In-Game Experience to Pro Players

ZOWIE XL series gaming monitor has elevated the gaming experience significantly for the past decade with each product reflecting the brand’s commitment to develop equipment focused on innovation and in-game performance. ZOWIE has also launched its

ZOWIE XL-K generation gaming monitor 240Hz XL2546K and 144Hz XL2411K in 2020. In the last two years, the ZOWIE monitor has become the most used monitor worldwide by FPS pro players .

ZOWIE has consistently received feedback from pro players and the community over a decade ago to continuously develop top notch gaming monitors. Today, ZOWIE reveals their first TN 360Hz DyAc⁺™ gaming monitor XL2566K available from today onwards at BenQ’s official online stores on Shopee and Lazada for only RM2,949. The device is their latest flagship model that offers competitive gamers optimized smoothness and fast response with the exclusive DyAc⁺™ technology on top of 360Hz refresh rate on a TN panel, XL2566K provides an overall clearer motion clarity than the market's offerings in its class.

DyAc⁺™ on XL2566K makes vigorous in-game actions such as spraying clearer than DyAc⁺™ on XL2546K.

The clarity helps gamers see the position of the enemy during fast movements or fast-moving targets

more easily and notice the bullet trajectory more clearly which can help with recoil control and aim.

Compared to typical IPS 360Hz displays, DyAc⁺™ on a TN 360Hz panel provides clearer and sharper

outlines of overall moving images, helping you focus and have less distractions from the unwanted

afterimage of the motions in-game.


▲ Compare XL2566K with XL2546K.


▲ Compare TN 360Hz DyAc⁺™ with IPS 360Hz no DyAc⁺™.

The new XL2566K has inherited XL-K series advantage as well, providing players a comfortable and

convenient playing experience with customizable features, smaller base and height adjustable screen

which allows players to not only get more space to play but perform with the monitor at their desired

viewing angles with ease. It also comes with the latest XL Setting to Share software that makes saving of

video profiles prompt and sharing convenient, through a simple user interface.

ZOWIE is dedicated to creating equipment that allows players to focus on what matters most which is their in-game performance and strive to continually do so with perfection in mind.

For more information and specifications of the ZOWIE XL2566K TN 360Hz DyAc⁺™ go to https://benqurl.biz/3h1niqB. Those who wish to purchase the product may do so at BenQ’s official online stores on Shopee and Lazada.

To learn more about all of BenQ’s premium offerings, visit BenQ Malaysia and follow @benq_my on

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